Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00234 

Received: 12/15/2020 10:53:51 AM
Commenter: Tyson Stewart
Organization: Stewarts Investments
State: Utah

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
Hi My name is Tyson Stewart we own and operate a small chain of grocery stores located in Duchesne and Emery county. We employ almost 200 employees. Bringing the railway to the basin is of the strongest ways to ensure and build up our economy for the long term. This would be a way to ensure that no matter what is going on there is stability in our economy something there has not been to this point. I feel i have somewhat different perspective as the proposed rout is something i drive on a weekly basis for work. Indian Canyon is a beautiful place but with the institution of the railroad. I do not believe it will make a dramatic impact on the area. There are already homes and oil wells down the canyon along with a major road. The benefits of having the railway in place far out way the impact of putting a railway in as there is already so much activity down the canyon at any rate. Also by putting the railway in you will say the negative impact of trucks run 24-7 between the salt lake refinery and the basin each week. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me personally. Thank you Tyson