Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00378 -- Oral Comment at Public Meeting 

Received: 12/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
Commenter: Marina Grossman

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
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Submission Text
Am I unmuted?


Hey, my name is Marina Grossman and I live in Salt Lake City.· I'm concerned about this project and the long-term effects it will have on our state and economy.· Putting in a rail line would create another human-made impact that not only compromises the integrity of the land, but the preferred route, the Whitmore Park Alternative, which is a revised
version of the Indian Canyon Alternative, would affect 61 miles of streams and has 443 stream crossings.

According to the letter from the Office of Environmental Analysis, "OEA concludes that construction and operation of any of the Alternatives would result in significant environmental impacts. Major impacts would include temporary and permanent impacts on surface waters and wetlands.· Impacts on biological resources, including federally listed threatened and endangered species and other protected species, permanent changes to land uses on public and private lands and noise impacts on residences near the proposed rail line during rail operations."

Along with the negative long-term human-made impacts this railway would have on our state's economy, the long-term negative effects of increased oil production would not only deplete our already dwindling water resources, but it is not sustainable to life. Where will the water come from that would be needed for increased oil production?· Are you going to start buying water from our ranchers?· From our farmers?

We are not living in the late 1800s.· In fact, last I checked, we are coming to the end of the year 2020.· And we have a new president-elect who shares a different vision for our country and how the economy will be stimulated.

The long-term future of our state economy is not dependent upon rail lines for extraction.· I'm asking for the No-Action choice.·Thank you.