Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00465 

Received: 1/28/2021 11:22:42 AM
Commenter: Florian Maderspacher
State: Utah

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
To whom it may concern. I vehemently oppose the proposed Uinta Basin Railway. It's costs for our natural environment, our natural resources and wildlife in the area stand in no relation to the proposed benefits for a few greedy extractive industries. Wilderness is a rare and precious resource whose protection must be our foremost priority in a time of planetary scale environmental crisis whose impacts are felts especially harshly in Utah. End this insane project now. Focus on renewable energies, keep fossil fuels in the ground. For us, for life on Earth and for our children!PS. the EIS website is classed as non-safe and hard to reach. That's embarrassing! Please use state of the art internet safety, providing maximum accessibility. Sincerely, Florian Maderspacher