Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00472 

Received: 1/28/2021 1:43:08 PM
Commenter: Kerry Farrer
State: Utah

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
My name is Kerry Farrer I’m commenting on this because I feel it is very important to help do my part. I’ve lived in the basin most my life. I’ve started and raised some of my family here and am continuing to raise the remainder of my children here. I’ve seen this place flourish economically as well as crash due to the crisis of oil prices and lack of infrastructure. I’ve worked in the oil fields and I’ve had jobs that don’t focus on oil but in order to sustain growth in an economy that’s solely based on a thriving market for oil we need to have some expansion. One major mile stone for that expansion would be this rail I’m in favor of this rail. I’ve done my very neat to get the word out and get people involved. I’m getting their opinion out good or bad. I can see where there needs to be a extensive research done to ensure a safe and economically way to complete this rail and it’s my hope that we can do this and more. I feel that not only will this rail help to stabilize the struggling economy here but help ensure the future of the Ute tribe and the members that this will directly effect. This rail would bring more than a stable economy it brings commerce to areas that normally wouldn’t have been looked at for certain industries. Its in my hope that while reviewing the EIS it’s taken into consideration that this rail could do more than get oil to parts of the country and world that normally wouldn’t be an option due to cost. This is a new beginning for most and a stability for others not to mention the use of this rail to get Valuables in and out of the basin that normally wouldn’t be entertained because of trucking costs. This rail isn’t just going to help a small few in the basin the potential to help the 30,000 plus residents that are spread across the basin the Ute tribe and the trickle down effect for jobs industries and revenue that would effect not just the basin but help build infrastructure to the entire state of utah would be unprecedented so I Kerry Farrer am in favor of this rail and hope to see this happen as soon as possible!