Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00599 

Received: 2/11/2021 12:53:12 PM
Commenter: Matt Carlson
State: Utah

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
I am very concerned about the overall impact this project will have on the proposed route and In particular the effect this will have on the natural water distribution and springs in the area that will potentially stop the flow of area springs leaving the land owners no water resources from our existing water rights and springs There are many other issues this can and most likely will affect that are very well detailed out in the Argyle Wilderness letter written and submitted by Darrell Fordham I and many other land owners are not in support of the current selected route. Please read his letter in detail that out lines the many factual concerns we have as a community in the Argyle canyon area. Thank you for your time and consideration in your review and final decision that will impact many.