Submission Number: UBR-DEIS-00643 

Received: 2/12/2021 1:38:33 PM
Commenter: Brett Haslem
Organization: BHI
State: Utah

Agency: STB
Initiative: Uinta Basin Railway EIS
Attachments: No Attachments
Submission Text
As a citizen and business owner of the Uintah Basin I stand behind the Uintah Basin Railway project. As Chief Operating Officer at BHI and having worked heavily in the construction sector of the oil and gas industry I am well aware of the many benefits that this project would bring to our local and state economy. BHI is an advocate of this project and has had heavy involvement in building a team of Utah companies that will be soliciting the proposal to work on the construction of the rail. We are proud and excited to be a part of this team. The construction of the rail will bring thousands of jobs to the local area that will also disseminate out into the Wasatch Front and across Utah, bolstering the economy. As one of the largest employers in eastern Utah currently with over 500 employees, there are many qualified local construction workers that would find pride in being part of this project. It would benefit their families, the local business owners of hotels, retail stores, suppliers, etc. The construction of the rail would be a huge benefit to all and would provide the economy with a sustainable, affordable means of transportation allowing more of our waxy crude into the market on the gulf coast. This would allow our area to more easily provide a sought after commodity at a competitive price, which would open up our area thus providing a continued increase in jobs for the local economy. It is my opinion that this project is the largest game changer for Eastern Utah and its economy in my lifetime. This is why I am such a big supporter of what it will do for the state of Utah. Our Governor has recently pushed with his initiative for "jobs, jobs, jobs" in rural Utah, and is wanting to promote activity that will bring these jobs to rural Utah. There is nothing that could accomplish what the Governor is pushing for more than the Uintah Basin Railway Project. It is my hope, as a business owner and citizen of this great state, that we do all that is necessary to move this project forward, allowing it to bless the lives of all within this state for generations to come.